Welcome to the Bear Den, 

In 1992 we came to Haines on vacation, our goal was to catch fish, but we caught more than fish we caught the presence of God in this place. How could one place have so much beauty we asked, with its crystal blue glaciers and salmon spawning streams? The sight, a moose and her calf grazing among the pink fireweed while majestic eagles soar in the skies above, is breath taking. Seeing a grizzly bear and her cubs fishing for salmon, a lake so serene, a river so mighty, and a powerful ocean hosting a chorus of whales, with playful seal lions, makes a heart beat faster.

At the end of our week stay in Haines we sought out a realtor to buy a cabin, so that this adventure could be ours a couple times a year. Instead we found a huge lonely building, in need of love, what is now the Bear Den. We left jobs with security, packed up and moved to Haines.

Having background in construction and accounting skills, we have completed the gift shop, eatery, and set up an apartment for summer guests.   First - Bear Den Gifts, a huge shop decorated Alaskan style, owner operated, lots of unique items a must to see, our specialty HATS!

Second - Bear-Rittos Eatery, specialty Alaskan seafood with a Mexican twist, also is serving ice cream, pizza, and hamburgers. We do the cooking!

Third - Bear Den Lodging, one unit, please enter Lodging to see pictures

We live in the other apartment upstairs, so we are nearby if our renters are in need of an extra item to make their stay pleasant.

We enjoy boating, fishing, hunting, hiking, and just plain old conversation.  We take pride in our building and will continue to make people feel at home when they stay here with us.

When you leave Haines we hope you leave with two thoughts, the enjoyment of an Alaskan experience and the feeling of the presence of God in all the beauty here, the same way we did when we first arrived in Haines.

Dot and Dave Shackford